🎁 Electronic Acupuncture Pen


Type: 3 Head No Gel



One Machine For you and Your Family.

It stimulate your muscles using positive Impulse as per requirement.

Instant short term benefit Just 10-15 Minutes a day of therapy can start giving you results in 1-4 days.


  • Short Term Benefits

Reduced Stress, Improved Immune System and Reduced Sick Days, Enhanced Mental Clarity and Increased Energy.

Relief from Digestive Conditions, Reduced Back Pain, Neck Tension and Relieve Joint Pain in the Hands and Arms, Relief from Headaches, Reduced Eye Strain.

  • Long Term Benefits

Strong digestion, No pain specifically muscle and Joint pain, migraine/depression/anxiety relief, healthy body.

Good Mood, Sleep quality improvement over the time, Blood pressure control.

  • Needleless Acupuncture

Simply press the pen onto affected areas and it will release an electric pulse to stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your body for healing and pain relief.

  • No Side Effects

It has no side effect as opposed to using painkillers and other medications to treat chronic pain.

It’s great for treating acute and chronic physical pain, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, sciatica, migraine, sports injuries, and muscle, joint and back pains.

  • Easy To Use

It only needs one AA battery (not included) to function. It has a digital display that shows the strength of the electrical pulse output (0 - weakest and 6 - strongest).

  • Have Three Special Functions

Dome type is superficial therapy applicable for health care and facial beautification.

Node type is node therapy applicable for partial body pains.

Spheroidal is partial therapy applicable for quickly alleviating pain.


  • Material: ABS & TPR


  • 1 * Electronic Acupuncture Pen
  • 5 * Head Type 
  • 1 * English User Manual


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