DIY Resin Crystal Mold Set


Package: 229 Pcs Set



If you love jewelry and crafting, then this DIY resin crystal mold set is what you need. You will get everything you need for your projects in one package. It makes the whole process fun and easy as you can quickly craft what you need.

If you have always dreamt of making your unique jewelry pieces with your favorite colors, you can now do it. This crystal mold set comes with pieces that you can use to come up with various designs for jewelry creation or cake decoration.  They are not technical; every step is straightforward.


Have Fun with Creativity

This DIY resin allows you to express your creativity like never before. The set has different shapes along with a spoon dropper and clasps to help you work with resin effortlessly. The silicone material is soft, making every part of the set flexible but durable. They are re-usable and something you can always do when you want to relax away from work.  The satisfaction that comes with the creation of beautiful and special crafts is indefinable.

Looking for something to keep your mind engaged? The great molds are so interesting that you will not stop getting creative with the filling materials and different colors.  The crystal mold set comes with all the pieces you need. Besides, it is easy to understand and get started with crafting.




  • Unique Crystal jewelry
    Also, you can avoid meeting others with the SAME accessory

  • Diverse shapes of accessory
    Over 15 shapes can be created for your accessory
  • Easy to make 
    Mixed the element with resin, wait until dry

  • Safe, non-toxic
    High quality of material, made of silicone
  • Make a gift to friends and your love
    A special handmade gift that can make a necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc.



15 x jewelry making molds,
25 x gold screw eye pins,
25 x silver screw eye pins,
5 x plastic stirrers,
5 x plastic spoons,
5 x plastic droppers,
1 x Hand Twist Drill (include 4 pieces twist bits),
1 x glitter powder sequins (1 random color),
1 x Storage Bag (Black / White / Blue)

13 x jewelry making molds, 
42 x gold screw eye pins, 
42 x silver screw eye pins, 
5 x plastic stirrers, 
5 x plastic spoons, 
5 x plastic droppers, 
1 x Hand Twist Drill (include 2 pieces twist bits), 

12 x slots dried flowers

1 x Hard Type UV DIY Crystal Clear Glue ( 50G ) / 
2 x Hard Type UV DIY Crystal Clear Glue ( 100G )

How to make:

Pour resin into measurement cup, slowly stir to release bubbles. Adding glitter or pigment into it if you need it.

Then pour it into your mold and slowly stir. Allow to stand for 24 hours and take it out.

How to store:

Please store the resin silicone molds away from direct sunlight and dust.

How to clean:

You can wash it with warm water and soap or rubbing alcohol, then use a soft cloth to wipe clean

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