Lazy Phone Holder


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Get The Perfect Angle Every time!

The Lazy Phone Holder allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV series in bed without getting a sore hand from holding your phone or a sore neck from having to watch something in an uncomfortable position. 

We are always on our phones and tablets browsing, watching, reading, and even chatting. However, too much time spent holding your phone or tablet can cramp our fingers and even cause our hands and arms to tingle. It’s annoying, and sometimes, painful.


  • Firm & Secure Hold 

An exceptional grip is very important when looking for a phone or Tablet holder. After all, it will be your extra set of hands and fingers. Our universal gadget holder features a secure rubber padding that can hold devices up to 1kg in weight. Its bracket has a minimum length of 4.7 inches and a maximum stretched length of 11 inches. Slotting a phone or tablet is quick and easy, without worries of slipping or marking.

  • Easy & Convenient Charging

The very purpose of a mobile holder is to provide convenience, not just for watching movies but also charging your device. With a clever design, our phone and tablet holder lets you stay charged and plugged at all times without any hassle. There is nothing to block the cable slot, audio plugs, or power button, so you can attach your charger or earphones any time you want without removing the device from the holder.

  • No More Aching Hands & Arms

No more stretching your arm up in the air or balancing your device on your lap. With this phone and tablet holder, you can simply insert your gadget, secure it, and start watching or reading away. You can do other things like cook, crochet, do chores, finish homework, or even wash the dishes. With a reliable device holder, you can accomplish more tasks in a day and be very productive.


Key Benefits

  • Hands-free viewing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great for video recording 
  • Attach to any surface
  • Follow recipes in the Kitchen



  • 1x Lazy Phone Holder

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