🎃Macabre Holo-Illuminator


Option: Full Set Halloween Holographic Projector



Let Your Family Be Excited For Halloween!


  • The easy and perfect solution to decorate your home this Halloween!

Using a projector, these DVDs let you project scary scenes both indoors and outdoors on any surface.

You can even use the projection screen material to make these projections look like they are coming out of thin air. You can also use your TV or monitor.

  • Versatile

The Halloween Holographic Projector decorations are perfect for Halloween decorating or Halloween parties. There are many DVDs to choose from including zombie invasion scenes, ghosts, phantasms, scenes that make your pumpkins come to life, and many more.

🎃Halloween Holographic Projector

  • High realism

Halloween Holographic Projector brings terror to Halloween and makes it real. The ghouls and ghosts that it creates are so real that you will swear you are really being haunted.

These incredible Halloween holographics are going to scare trick-or-treaters as well as your neighbors for years to come.

🎃Halloween Holographic Projector

The holographic Halloween decorations by Halloween Holographic Projector also come with extremely realistic audio that syncs up with the animations for an even scarier experience.

🎃Halloween Holographic Projector

  • Perfect for Christmas and Halloween decorations

Add some fun and spooky atmosphere to your home with the coolest and easiest-to-set-up home décor!

The Haunted Halloween Projector projects high-end and dazzling Halloween shorts right in your windows, creating a spooky effect when seen from the outside.

🎃Halloween Holographic Projector


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension (Screen): 47 x 70inches / 1m2 x 1m8

Note: The optimal viewing experience is achieved when the appropriate distance between the projector and the projection screen is a maximum of 5 meters.


  • Full Set
    ✅1 x Haunted Halloween Projector
    ✅1 x Tripod
    ✅1 x Charger
    ✅1 x Package Box
    ✅1 x Projection Screen (70inches)
    ✅12 Videos


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